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Chugga chugga…

Trying to get the engine going again, with a working computer and city internet. Unfortunately it seems in my absence imeem got taken over by myspace or something and now all my old mixtapes don’t exist. I remember roughly what was on them, but not really, so there might be some repeats as I get the whole thing started again with a new media player. I think I am just going to delete all the old posts, and start back at mixtape #1 again.

Also, I think the format for the album reviews will change. Sometimes it will be an album that is new that week, sometimes it will be one that is new to me that week, however old it is. See you soon!



So, I am currently living in Lake Louise, where our internet is spotty, and my computer is broken, so I don’t think any new posts are going to happen at least until I have a functioning computer. If this is heartbreaking for you, listen to the new Tegan and Sara, Julian Casablancas, Lyle Lovett, and/or Say Anything, and feel a little better.