093 Elvis Costello Part 2

Elvis Costello has done a lot of recording and performing in his life. He has 24 full length “solo” studio albums. He has backing bands that he likes sometimes, and argues with and fires people from sometimes, sometimes he gets back together with them or reforms part of them and sometimes he disregards them completely. I think most of them are pretty awesome. The second half of this show covers music that was released after I was born. I didn’t divide it that way on purpose, I swear. These songs are a bit longer, maybe Elvis Costello got older and more patient, I hope I do too.

The Big Light – Elvis Costello

Suit of Lights – Elvis Costello

I Want You – Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Battered Old Bird – Elvis Costello & The Attractions

This Is Hell – Elvis Costello

Little Atoms – Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Tart – Elvis Costello

Still – Elvis Costello

There’s a Story In Your Voice – Elvis Costello & The Imposters

American Gangster Time – Elvis Costello

Hidden Shame – Elvis Costello

A Slow Drag With Josephine – Elvis Costello

Dr. Watson, I Presume – Elvis Costello


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