089 Afterburners

I try to keep on top of listening to new music, I bookmark things in a couple music blogs, but I often get behind, and when I go to post a new releases summary from the past year, I usually realize that lots of my picks are from a year or more earlier. Apparently I did that enough that I could make a whole show out of the ones I missed, and here they are:

Al Hassidi Terei – Songhoy Blues

Brother Blue – Keaton Simons & Deantoni Parks’ Best Revenge

Keep It Between the Lines – Sturgill Simpson

Masterpiece – Big Thief

Sleep Talk – Diet Cig

Sprained Ankle – Julien Baker

Way It Should – Ashley Shadow

First Date – St. Ranger

Skeleton – Unalaska

Hand in the Fire (feat. Charli XCX) – Mr. Oizo

Can We Work It Out – Gordi

Sonata – Slonk Donkerson

How Long – All Dogs

Bury Me at the Rodeo – The Dirty Nil

A Hundred Ropes – Minor Victories


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