Mixtape – Super Alchemy

This is a kinda wordy music nerdy post, so if you aren’t in that kind of mood, just listen to the songs.

Last post I mentioned making single-disc albums out of multi-disc releases. The first one up is Thrice’s Alchemy Index, released as 4 different EP’s (two at a time), each representing an element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth). I tried to make the tracklist work in order as well, which means some of the songs I really liked were left out, as they didn’t have a home amongst the other ones. I had a really hard time deciding which of the sonnets to include(the last song of each EP was written in the style of an English Sonnet, was the personified voice of each respective element examining the shortcomings of humans, and every one ended with the same 3 chords and melody). I almost put the fire sonnet “The Flame Deluge” in, but I felt I couldn’t do that without also putting in the earth sonnet “Child of Dust”, and I just couldn’t fit 4 sonnets in a single album. So other than totally bad scrambled egging the whole elements theme, I think this first try is pretty not bad. I was surprised at how few of the loud, heavy rock songs I put in though. Maybe that stuff was just stronger on other albums.


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