So along with album reviews, I wanted to post a short playlist each week, without really any description or review of the tracks, just a sampling of what’s coming out of my speakers and headphones for the week.
Ideally I would like you to be able to play the whole playlist right from my blog page, and then people can procure the songs they enjoyed in whatever way they like (I will only post stuff that has been officially released by the band in some fashion, so it should be fairly easy to find). In my short search so far for something that would allow me to do that, I haven’t been able to do quite what I want.
Right now, there should be a thing in the top right corner of the page. It actually works pretty well for the songs that are just audio, but some of the songs I wanted to post only had video posts of the song available, in which case I think you have to click on the link to go to my blip page or something. Let me know how it works, and if you know of an easier way to do this.
This week’s mixtape:
1. It’s My Day – THE MATCHES: Album 4, unreleased; graphics? title? or not needed?
2. Satellite Radio – STEVE EARLE: Washington Square Park
3. Airstream Driver – GOMEZ: A New Tide
4. Wood and Wire – THRICE: Beggars
5. Satellite – LONGWAVE: Secrets are Sinister

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